Christmas Eve Boxes

                        Large wooden Traditional Christmas Eve Box 


Our luxury traditional Christmas Eve Box made from quality hardwearing wood that will last for years

The lid of the Christmas Eve box is personalised with a child’s name or the family name. 

Each box comes with 
*Magic key * Reindeer food *Personalised letter & certificate - £15.00

External Dimensions:
Width: 30cm
Length: 30cm
Height: 16cm

Treat packs available as an add on

*Personalised mini milk bottle & straw
*Activity book & crayons
*Personalised tree/door hanger
*Santa's bell
*Chocolate coins


*Personalised mug & drinking chocolate
* Activity book & crayons
*Personalised tree/door hanger
* Naughty elf toy or Treat tray
* Personalised Xmas sack
*Santa's bell
*Chocolate coins

Personalised Xmas Eve Box
Personalised Xmas Eve box
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